punt on nuclear energy

Physics Today has a great Q&A on several topics of scientific interest, with both the Kerry and Bush campaigns. Well-worth a read to get a sense of how different the campaigns approaches are.

Bush had a good answer to the question of nuclear power, but it all sounds like his "Mars!" promises. In other words, grandiose and probably unaffordable under his economic stewardship. Kerry ducked the question and talked about Yucca Mountain, which is extremely disappointing. No mention of pebble reactors or glass-waste storage from either candidate.

I think that we need to embrace pebble-based reactor technology. I'd even vote for Bush if he was believable on the issue. It's central to long-term energy independence, national security, and technological innovation.

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Suman said...

Fascinating set of links. Now I need to learn more :-)

IMHO, I would not expect to hear technology recommendations from either Bush or Kerry. The regulatory hurdle to overcome in the US would come at a significant political cost to both these men.