anti-muslim watch

via Ikram, an attempted firebombing of a Muslim community center's children playground.

The president of the Islamic Center of El Paso said Saturday that he was shocked by the attempted firebombing of the center.

M. Omar Hernandez said he had never seen an incident like the one Friday about 2:35 p.m., after weekly prayer services had ended at the center.

Police say Antonio Flores, 57, of El Paso threw a homemade gasoline bomb into the center's back yard, site of a children's playground. About five children were in the playground when the bomb was thrown.

The bomb failed to ignite, and some of the children were splashed with gasoline. Another bomb was placed on the center's gas meter but was knocked over. Although the bomb was lit, the gasoline was quickly absorbed into the dirt. No one was injured in the attack.

"To find out that he chose this time (after services) shows he was definitely trying to hurt some of us," Hernandez said.

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