Remember Oklahoma City

it will happen again. It DID happen again - the anthrax mailings just after September 11, which targeted liberal congresspeople like Tom Daschle. And it was barely prevented, no thanks to our department of Homeland Underfunded Security:

You'd think that having a weapon of mass destruction (in this case, a socium cyanide bomb capable of killing thousands), 100 other bombs (including remote-detonating suitcase bombs), machine guns with 500,000 rounds of ammo, a detailed plan for using this arsenal, and even pleading guilty would get you noticed by the the Big Homeland Defender himself. ... The Krar investigation happened almost by accident when a box of counterfeit IDs showed up at the wrong address and the recipient notified authorities.

Now, we have the self-professed Christian Terrorist:

"As cream rising to the top of the milk, so the Christian terrorist rises above the huddled masses of churchgoers and the many voices which denounce their violent attempts to defend the innocent from they're [sic] murderous assailants," Chuck Spingola wrote in a posting on the Army of God Web site.

"Regarding abortion the separation is clear. The CT [Christian terrorist] has the Word of God and a testimony of loving, albeit terrifying [to the wicked], actions," he said.

Spingola declined to discuss the statement with ABCNEWS.com without stipulations, but said he stood by the posting.
"The foreign terrorists (Muslim) resist the imposition of the United States/United Nations charter, which promotes 'population control' (abortion) and 'diversity' (homosexuality), while the Christian/domestic terrorist simply resists the 'law' of the land, which promotes and often subsidizes abortion and homosexuality," he continued.

Extreme violence against abortion providers has dropped sharply over the last two years, though there has been no decline in the harassment of doctors and staff at clinics and women visiting clinics, according to the National Abortion Foundation.

The movement has been hit hard over the last two years by a series of arrests and trials of some of its most notorious adherents, and some who follow extremists say the "Christian terrorist" rhetoric is an attempt to rally new radicals to take the place of people such as Clayton Waagner, Paul Hill, James Kopp and Eric Rudolph.

Waagner was convicted of threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction for mailing letters containing what appeared to anthrax to dozens of abortion clinics. Kopp was convicted of the 1998 murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian, who performed abortions in Buffalo, N.Y. Rudolph, the suspect in bombings at a Birmingham, Ala., abortion clinic and at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, is awaiting trial.
The use of the term terrorist has been taken as a badge of honor by anti-abortion activists since at least June 2001, when Waagner, who was in hiding after escaping from prison, used the word to describe himself in a Web posting.

"The government of the most powerful country in the world considers me a terrorist," Waagner wrote. "That label set me aback at first. Then it struck me: They're right. I am a terrorist. To be sure, I'm a terrorist to a very narrow group of people, but a terrorist just the same. As a terrorist to the abortionist, what I need to do is envoke [sic] terror. Thus the reason I'm posting this letter. I wish to warn them that I'm coming."

Though Waagner, who took advantage of his freedom to send letters containing what appeared to be anthrax to dozens of abortion clinics in the fall of 2001, did not use the term "Christian terrorist," he did make clear that he believed he was on a mission from God.

"God did not rescue me from life in prison for my pleasure," he wrote. "He freed me that I might lay down my life for His will. He freed me to make war on His enemy. He freed me to make war on those who profit from the merciless murder of His children. And a war it shall be."

In light of analogies to muslim terrorists, it is worth asking just how widespread the support for these abortion bombers go. After all, with fundamentalist preachers such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell blaming abortion doctors and homosexuals for 9-11 (Falwell retains a massive influence upon American Christianity, and is probably the most visible face of Christian America), there is likely a widespread network of these militants already operating without any surveillance (despite liing in a post-911 world).

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