The Palestinian Peace Directory

Richard Silverstein has compiled a list of links and information to Palestinian peace groups, called the Palestinian Peace Directory (with assistance from Jonathan and the Middle East Information Center). He writes about the need for such a list:

This list began in the most inauspicious way possible. I sometimes post my Israel-Palestine blog entries at the Middle East Information Center's discussion group. There are some group members who are right wing Jewish verbal thugs with nothing better to do than spew their vile insults at those who represent a more dovish view of the conflict. After posting my directory to Israeli and American-Jewish groups dedicated to Israeli-Palestinian peace (Mideast Peace Activism: Online Resources), one of these asked me rhetorically: "It's all well and good for you Jewish peaceniks, but where are the Palestinian peaceniks??" The disingenuous point was that since there are no Palestinian interlocutors interested in peace, that my own views were discredited as well.

While I never give their comments any credence, I did feel it would be worthwhile to explore the world of Palestinian peace groups in order to prove that there IS an interlocutor with whom it is worthwhile to engage in serious debate about issues of war and peace.

This is a much-needed resource and I am going to permalink it from my sidebar. My only complaint is that a similar if not greater need exists for such a directory on the Israeli side.

UPDATE: ask and ye shall receive - Richard provides a link to the corresponding American and Jewish Peace Directory.

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Richard said...

Maybe you can update yr links in this post. I've since switched blog platforms & the current links won't work.

The correct ones are for the Palestinians peace directory:

and the Israeli peace directory: