seeds for the next 9-11?

Riverbend of Baghdad Burning blog is, well, on fire:

�Since the end of major combat operations, we have conducted raids seizing many caches of enemy weapons and massive amounts of ammunition, and we have captured or killed hundreds of Saddam loyalists and terrorists.� (Bush's speech)

Yes, we know all about the �raids�. I wish I had statistics on the raids. The �loyalists and terrorists� must include Mohammed Al-Kubeisi of Jihad Quarter in Baghdad who was 11. He went outside on the second floor balcony of his house to see what the commotion was all about in their garden. The commotion was an American raid. Mohammed was shot on the spot. I remember another little terrorist who was killed four days ago in Baquba, a province north-east of Baghdad. This terrorist was 10� no one knows why or how he was shot by one of the troops while they were raiding his family�s house. They found no weapons, they found no Ba�athists, they found no WMD. I hope America feels safer now.

Not to mention the fact that Bush's poor-to-nonexistent postward planning (based on super optimism by the neocon cabal) means that we are recruiting the Mukhabarat, and leaving power vacuums for religious fanatics to fill:

On top of it all, the borders between Iraq and Iran have been given to Badir�s Brigade to guard. Badir�s Brigade. Unbelievable. I thought the borders needed guarding to prevent armed militias like Badir�s Brigade from entering the country. We have a proverb in Arabic: �Emin il bezooneh lahmeh� which means �Entrust a cat with meat.� Yes, give the Iranian borders to Badir�s Brigade. Right on.

Just a couple of days ago, two female school principals were �executed� by Badir�s Brigade in Al-Belidiyat area in Baghdad. They were warned to resign their posts so that a �sympathetic� principal could replace them. They ignored the threat, they were shot. It�s that simple these days. Of course, that�s not terrorism because the targets are Iraqi people. Terrorism is when the Coalition of the Willing are targeted.

Where will all this lead? I stand by my pessimistic prediction.

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