a few more good men (and women)

Tacitus asks the question "do we need a larger military" and finds a number of answers. But at this point, it is doubtful that any other country will find any reason to help us out in Iraq - this is our Imperial mess, and so it's going to end up being our burden. The Administration ismore obsessed with control than with success in the post-war mission - and not having enough troops in Iraq is the single biggest obstacle to ensuring that a stable and democratic Iraq can arise from the newly-filled flypaper-dotted swamp.

So where will the troops come from? If the military were funded accordingly, could we actually recruit and train and deploy another two divisions from scratch? I honestlyhave no idea and no way to estimate whether such a demand can be filled on a volunteer basis. I wonder if a draft proposal can'tbe that far off. I'm sure that in the insulated neocon echo chamber, it might even seem like a politically sound move.

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