CAIR is pro-assimilation

in a comment thread at GNXP, Diana Moon asks why CAIR is seemingly absent from charitable works, unlike Arab communities of Christian descent. In response, I spent about five minutes of due diligence at CAIR's website, and found examples aplenty of charity work and pro-assimilation work by the local chapters. Examples:

* The CAIR 'Muslims Care' campaign for hunger, breast cancer awareness (more info)

* CAIR-MN sponsors free cab rides for blind persons

* promoted a panel at Stanford about muslim women in science and engineering

* CAIR-OH co-sponsored a Red Cross blood drive

* CAIR-DC encouraged muslims to join in the DC Memorial Day festivities

CAIR-affiliated muslims can even laugh at themselves! And criticize Arab governments! who knew.

And of course the local chapters of CAIR make significant effort at solidarity with the local Jewish communities. After all, muslims and Jews face much the same kind of hatred here.

As I have said numerous times before, the value of CAIR is in the local chapters who do fine work in promoting the sense of community that ordinary muslim-americans have as neighbors and fellow citizens. The national leadership is a PR outfit and I have little use for them, but all too often those who will knee-jerk attack CAIR as an organization as a whole, are really doing a grave injustice to those dedicated people who form the backbone, hearth and soul of CAIR's efforts at sincere, good works nationwide.

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