Bohra pilgrims killed in Karbala

InnaLillahi Wa inna Ilahi Raji'un

Three Mumbai residents, Aun and Mohammed Mahableshwarwala and Hussein Rampurwala were among 70 killed in the aftermath of a suicide attack near the residence of Karbala governor yesterday in the Shi’ite holy city.

The fourth Indian has not been identified as yet.

Karbala city health spokes-man Salim Khadhim told AFP, “There were four Indian men among those killed.” He added the dead included five women, five children and eight other victims who were burnt beyond recognition.

Murtuza, Hussein’s elder brother, said, “Karbala is our holiest shrine and we are happy that our brother is buried there. He’s a martyr,” Murtuza told MiD DAY this morning. There are, at least, two more Mumbaikars in Karbala, who sources said have survived the attack.

report via Mid-Day

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