Brass Crescent Awards voting now open!

Brass Crescent Awards voting now open!

Voting has begun for the 3rd Annual Brass Crescent Awards. Please visit BrassCrescent.org and vote for your favorite blogs and blog posts now!


thabet said...

The polls close on 12th April?

Aziz Poonawalla said...

you europeans :) it's US format - MM/DD, not DD/MM.

Leonardo said...

Peace be upon yall..

First it's a good idea.. but I wanna know who added me to this comptetion and how?
At all I'm so happy for that.

And Rise for Islam ..

mujahideen ryder said...

how do you get into this Muslim Blog Group? I am Muslim with a Blog (www.mujahideenryder.net) it's not that big, but I'd like to be included. maybe i'll win something hahaha.

mujahideen ryder said...

the awards don't represent the majority of the Muslim bloggers. i know a lot of other blogs that aren't even mentionted, like hahmed.com or maniacmuslim.com. sup with that?