Nomad Fatwas, Edition 1

The Nomad Fatwas is an alliance of free-thinking blogs and a carnival simultaneously. Every two weeks a coterie of ten blogs will circulate one older post each on a theme chosen by one of the Nomad Fatwas members. You can read more about the genesis and history of The Nomad Fatwas here.

This period’s theme was “Life.”

City of Brass on Maximizing Human Potential A short meditation on how to achieve human excellence.

Avari on Dig Six Feet Down To Paradise A short meditation on religion’s role and death.

Chapati Mystery on First Day Of Summer Being canal side in Lahore. Life affirmance in muddy water!

Feministe on Feminists Finding Love How to love men in an oppressive system.

Ambivablog on Significant (?) Coincidence Whether those moments are signs or mere coincidences.

Aqoul on Saudi Arabia, Lesbianism, Other Coping Mechanisms How women in Saudi separate personal development from their social situation.

Pickled Politics on Outsourcing the Oldies Back Home What to do with the aged immigrants?

Digitally Arranged on God and Poverty The inter-relationship between suffering and religiosity.

Sig Carl Alfred on Tragedy Of the Lost How aimlessness impacts the choices we make in our politics.

Towards God Is Our Journey on Prattle From The Party III An analysis of the so called “Party of Freedom” seeking the Islamic Caliphate.

Unwilling Self-Negation on I am a Dark Elf. Learning about Islam & Muhammad from a pointy eared elf.

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