The Miami Seven

Why haven't I commented on the alleged home-grown terror plot by American muslims in cahoots with Al-Qaeda to destroy the Sears Tower?

Well, they weren't muslim, they weren't in cahoots with Al-Qaeda, and they weren't really interested in destroying the Sears Tower, they were just punks in a gang who were trying to scam for some cool swag.

Read the indictment. The Al-Qaeda connection was actually an FBI agent - so any prosecution attempt is already tainted by entrapment. And notice what's missing from the list of requested materials with which to bomb the Sears Tower? (hint: not much of a bomb threat without the bomb...)

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Hatcher said...

Aziz, with all respect, you need to read more on what "entrapment" really is. What the FBI did, in presenting themselves as "Al-Qaeda" isn't anywhere near legal entrapment.