The man is playing theater. And he is depressingly smarter about it than we are. I can't believe how many pundits seem to hang on his every word, when the guy clearly is pulling things our of his arse left and right - solely to make a mockery of our justice system.

Dahlia Lithwick had some great analysis on him a while back, and it all holds true today. I doubt that this guy had anything to do with the terror plots at all - if he has any connection, is is to play a "media martyr" role. The propaganda value of his trial is immense.

We need to stop taking him seriously, and bar all media from covering the trial. He MUST still be tried under our court of laws - otherwise his critique that we have no justice will be made true. Try him, silently and quickly, and get it over with. IMHO the judge needs to be replaced as well for being too encouraging.

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Andrew said...

Moussaoui is trying to commit judicial suicide. I'm wondering, though, whether even the most bat-shit crazy Salafi jurist would consider such a death a martyrdom.