Brass Crescent links roundup

AR Squires links to an extremely interesting essay about Pope John Paul II and Islam, and offers his own comments. There's also an interesting article at Beliefnet that discusses whether Pope Benedict will open the door to dialouge with Islam, and "foster the love for Jesus within the Muslim soul." However, sepoy at Chapati Mystery is not nearly as optimistic.

Thabet at Muslims Under Progress has a fascinating excerpt from a philosophy journal about the German Philosopher Hegel's views about Islamic monotheism. I was particularly struck by the suggestion that Islamic monotheism, as a unifying principle, is in some ways an extension of Buddhist thought.

The new Muslim satirical blog Tamatar has already found controversy, with a post about chimpanzees leading prayer. The idea was to lampoon the media hype over Amina Wadud's stint some weeks ago, in leading a mixed-gender prayer. However, the regrettable choice of analogy led some to wonder whether the satire team was trying to equate women with chimpanzees. Aghast at the error, the satire team chose mass suicide as a sort of self-policing honor killing.

Abu Aardvark provides the play-by-play of a frank discussion about the role of Arab media and satellite television... on Arab media satellite television. Don't miss his classic related post on the role that Arab TV plays in seeding the Arab world for democratization.

And finally, Hesham Hassaballa discusses the Qur'anic injunction, "Let not the hatred of a people towards you move you to commit injustice" (Qur'an 5:8). He discusses the implications of this ayat in detail, and spares no one in pointing out those who have most visibly failed it. The muharib will never be able to justify their actions using Islam, in judgement before Allah.

Do leave links to other posts of similar calibre from across the Brass Crescent that I've overlooked in the comments! I'd like to make this a recurring feature, but I need your help.

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