Muslim, wake up!

Truly astonishing column at MWU arguing that muslims should vote for Nader.

Astonishing because it actually assumes that a Nader vote would lend Muslims more political clout. The basic thesis is completely backwards - voting Nader and contributing to another squeaker win of Bush over his opponent would essentially make the Muslim community a pariah. By handing the election to Bush in 2000, Nader's entire relevance has plummeted. To those who call for a muslim voting bloc and dream of excercising influence upon the process, voting Nader is an anathema.

You want political clout? Deliver Michigan to Kerry. And watch both parties come begging in 2008 to your doorstep.

(Not that I don't have serious issues with the alliance of Muslim identity with progressive liberal politics, but that's a separate issue).

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Dan said...

Recognizing that I may eat crow in less than 24 hours, isn't Michigan a "safe" Democratic state?

Short of something akin to Nixon or Reagan-esque landslides I don't see Michigan going Bush this time around.