get Firefox! surf, don't suffer, the web

Get Firefox!I was a bit puzzled by some of the feedback I've been getting on the site layout from people, until I realized that this pure-CSS layout likely looks a bit broken in Internet Explorer. IE is notorious for making Bad Decisions when it comes to rendering valid HTML and CSS. It pains me to know that my lovely layout is being mangled, so I'm going to repeat my call to all to switch to Firefox v1.0. Try it, its simple to switch and you'll literally rediscover the web.

Need convincing? In Firefox, you have a built-in and extensible search function that lets you easily query Amazon, Google, EBay, IMDB, whatever you want. It has much more sophisticated pop-up blockeres and cookie management. It protects you from web-borne viruses that exploit holes and flaws in IE. And wait until you discover tabbed browsing! You have to try this.

And last but not least, start appreciating City of Brass the way it was meant to be seen!


Thomas Nephew said...

You're right! Your blog looks a lot better on Firefox, and I do like the tabbed browsing. Hope Google does a toolbar for it.

Phlegm said...

Once again, adhering to standards means nothing if it means missing 50% of the universe.

emily0 said...

it's also broken on SAFARI, which is unfortunate given how lovely SAFARI is.

i can send u a screenshot if you'd like to see how it displays... let me know.