Partition's legacy

Conrad has written a (typically) length and well-thought piece on the legacy of Partition into India and Pakistan, 57 years after. Conrad is a guest writer at Jonathan's blog Head Heeb, which has recently been featuring a lot of guest-bloggers and even more diversified analysis on world affairs. Conrad's post follows an earlier one by Jonathan which lays much of the groundwork.

The primary focus of the blog remains the democratic processes in African nations, and emphasis on Isael-Palestinian affairs, though Jonathan has made an tremendously successful effort to diversify. I'm strictly a lurker at HH nowadays, because it's so erudite - it's strictly a place for me to learn, not debate.

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Conrad said...

Ahh, so I finally make it on your blogroll, even if it is through Jonathan�s door ;) Thanks for the link; I think our views on the Partition and its consequences are quite similar; but this tends to be a minority viewpoint these days.