revenge on the infants

From Ha'aretz:

Jews claim blast that hurts 15 at Palestinian high school
By Yonaton Lis, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and Reuters

An extreme right-wing Jewish group called "Revenge of the Infants" claimed responsibility for a mystery blast that ripped through a Palestinian high school in the Jenin-area West Bank village of Jaba'a Wednesday, injuring at least 15 Palestinian teenagers, three of them seriously.

In a statement to reporters, the group said it had planted the bomb in revenge for the murders of Jewish children by Palestinians. In the past, the shadowy group had claimed responsibility for terror attacks in which Palestinians were killed on West Bank highways.

I don't expect any condemnation of this terrorist organization, nor do I really expect any significant resources to be spent onhuting them down (or assassinating their leaders). It's just going to be dismissed as "fringe" by the same people who invoke the actions of Palestinian terrorists to infer sweeping, societal anti-Semitic hatred of the Palestinians as a whole. Or this might be explained away using the same "radicalization" arguments that are so often heard.

I dont link to this story because I want to make a point about how justified the P terrorists are. I link to it because I share the pro-Israeili viewpoint. The diference though is that I condemn terror on moral grounds, not tribal ones. But for some, only the Other can do evil.

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