Winds of Change.NET comes down hard on me for briefly taking the Wired/Times of London story about Israeli WMG seriously. Here's the full text of the comment I left in response to their post.

Hi friends,

in my defense, I did not say I absolutely believed that Israel is currently manufacturing "WMG". But i do believe that it isnt entirely outside the bounds of possibility that Israel is *researching* them. They may well turn out to be impossible, but using mitochondrial DNA I could in theory design a genetic weapon that kills only my own imediate family. That's far more specific than the Jew-Arab genetic similarity. So such a weapon is indeed *possible*.

Forget if its possible. The issue I raised in my post is, why would Israel even *consider* it? Im not convinced 100% but I do think there is a high probabilty that it has been considered.

Do I fear a Israeli WMG? no. even if they had one, I doubt it woudl be much of a threat to the world (i dont lose much sleep over the US nuclear arsenal either). But given the unique history of teh Jewish people, mere consideration of the idea is monstrous and I am disappointed that amongst all the critiques I have earned for my post, a denunciation of the concept has not been consistently put forth.

I agree that WMG are very difficult. I dont agree they are impossible. Do you agree that it's monstrous? if so, then we seem to be at again a respectful detente. The implication of this WoF change post unfortunately is that I have an anti-semitic tendency which is indeed libel.

I mean no disrespect and I hold all of you in the highest regard.

WoF is an exemplar of rational debate and I don't take their critique lightly. Few other blogs could compel me to reply on my own blog in response to a public challenge (though I would have preferred some heads up, guys). It's out of my deep respect for Joe K. and the team there that I choose to reply and continue the dialouge.

But I dont plan on making a habit of responding to blog-challenges on a routine basis. I think my position about Israeli WMG is quite clear, from my original post, the comments to that post, and the comment above. At this point, I'm done thinking about Jewish Conspiracy #45,675: Scary Genetic Bomb.

Unfortunately, lost in all the accusations about WMG, are the major questions of that original post (in which the WMG issue was a mere afterthought). These are:

Isn't the idea of the Security Council Resolution outlawing all WMD in the Middle East a good idea?

Given that Israel has vastly superior conventional forces, and handily crushed the pathetic attack by Arab armies in teh Six Day War, why does Israel need nuclear deterrent? (Don't forget that with America as patron superpower, Israel effectively has nukes anyway. We based American missiles in Europe for years to counter the SOviet threat).

why does Israel need a full nuclear triad, including sub-based nuclear launch capability?

Isn't the Israeli possession of nuclear infrastructure the sole reason why a Middle East WMD ban would be vetoed by the US?

Why is Israel selling arms to China? (undermines the whole what's best for Israel is best for America argument of the neocons... this is not how I like my client states to behave.)

I have responded to WindsOfChange.NET's accusation of blood libel, in good faith, to address their concern. I hope they return the favor and address these questions as well.

Any one who says that with the means at present at our disposal and with our present knowledge we can utilize atomic energy is talking moonshine. -- Ernest Rutherford