sparking discussions

(this is a followup to my meta-comentary on my lanat post)

NoWarBlog has linked to the lanat post as well, and there is a vibrant discussion going on in the comments section. I haven't publicly endorsed NoWarBlog yet, so let me do so now. I haven't asked to contribute solely because I am honestly still on the fence.

I also had posted the link to the lanat post in LGF's feared comments section and got a lot of initially positive interest. When they found out I have been critical of Israel, the tide turned. I'm painted as a standard Mark IV Anti Semite who wants to Destroy IsraelTM in their evaluation at present. Most of the opinions there rely on extensive out-of-context trolling through my archives. It's too much trouble to wade in and try to defend myself, but my archives are listed at left, and the posters in the LGF thread do provide links to the blog entries they misquote and misrepresent.

If anyone else has linked to the lanat post, please let me know in my coments section, as I'd like to document it and give apropos linkage.

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