Mondale will win

Note the timestamp of this post. I'm calling the Minnesota election. Victory Mondale.

The GOP had reason to fear a Mondale-Coleman debate. As the Star Tribune points out, Mondale's no-show at the debate originally scheduled last week was because of GOP guerilla warfare:

"As Democratic candidate Walter Mondale's commercial flight was about to take off from Fargo to the Twin Cities, it was ordered to stop. The pilot explained to passengers that a runway had been shut down at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and that the delay might be as much as an hour.

The runway had been closed to all but Air Force One as President Bush flew in for a rally in St. Paul for Republican candidate Norm Coleman. "

well, Mondale was finally ALLOWED to debate Coleman yesterday, since Bush is back in Texas and can't interfere. Here's the transcript. Draw your own conclusions, but the Daily Kos points out that Minnesota Freepers were seriously freaked out. Read the comments on Kos' post for more details.

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