Massachusetts becomes Texas

Having lived in Boston for two years prior to moving to Houston, I am well aware of the enormous stereotypical gulf between "Taxachusetts" and "The Lone Gunman State".

Therefore, this news that the voters of MA may well elect to dump the state income tax boggles my mind.

I like the pair of quotes from the opposing sides of the issue:

''There's this incredibly arrogant and demeaning assumption that government are the only ones that can act to meet people's needs,'' Howell said. ''How many people are they so-called serving?''


''It would completely decimate core government functions,'' said Senator Mark C. Montigny, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee. ''It's a cheap political thrill, unless you are willing to live in the Idaho of the East Coast.''

We can thank, or blame, the libertarians if the measure passes :) What an interesting experiment, though...

UPDATE November 7th 2002: Looks like it lost, but barely. I'm disappointed but I am sure the issue will be back.

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