Is it possible for non-Muslims in general, and warbloggers in particular, to remember that religion != culture?

NZBear's use of the phrase "religion of peace" is as offensive[1] as the idiot tribals morons who make boneheaded and immoral decisions based on tribal cultural traditions and then wrap them in an out-of-context Qur'anic verse to make sure no one dares argue.

It would be more accurate to call these "Bonehead Tribalist Updates". Or, charitably speaking, "More Examples of things God-Fearing Christians have never been guilty of, nuh uh"

Let's start keeping track. Bonehead Tribalist Updates: Nigeria, Pakistan, and India (really!)

UPDATE: NZ Bear is rightfully taken aback at my seemingly equating his use of mere words in a headline with stoning a girl to death. That was not my intent, and I apologise deeply to him for being too sloppy to make myself clear.

What I tried to draw equivalence between was NOT NZB's post and stoning a girl, it was drawing an Islamic wrapper around these actions. Let me be clear, NZB is not "tribal", these morons are. Just like the gang rapers in Pakistan, or the mass murderers in Gujarat.

UPDATE: Bill Allison has kind words and thoughtful comments - never content to let a discussion topic stagnate, he always drives it forward to new insights. For what it is worth, I strongly agree with him that the main problem in the Middle East is tyranny - as Micheal Pine put it, I'm a Neo Wilsonian too.

[1] (yeah, it's footnote day) Of course, NZB has every right to be as offensive as he wants. It's his blog. The only reason I react strongly though is because normally he isn't offensive in this way. Not that he can't be if he wants to. So don't mail me and say I'm a whiny TP, because I can take it and I don't even want reparations! So there.

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