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Empire State Building photos

posted by Aziz P. at 10/12/2007 11:21:00 PM permalink View blog reactions
I found a fellow on Flickr, "zmustapha" who has taken pictures of the Empire State Building lit green for Eid al-Fitr and already posted them an hour ago. See below; the original photos are here (in higher resolution).

The jafis are seething. I wonder if the color green will become the new symbol of dhimmitude? I am reminded of the Crusade against Crescents. If so, then what will the jafis say when they dye the Chicago River green for St. Pats? "the green waves of dhimmitude" ?



Ante up. OK?

CAIR (the Saudi-funded, terrorist supporting gangsters) and you are always bitchin' about "Islamophooooobia" but I haven't seen it. So, Ante up. Where are you seeing Muslims increasingly discriminated against? Can't say? Just another ploy by the criminal scum of CAIR to beat down the Kuffar?

Oh, BTW, you might want to remove that "Muslims Only" sign which hangs outside of Mecca.

And, you might want to ask CAIR to back off of trying to make a felon out of a guy for a silly act of Vandalism.

And, you might want to ask CAIR to stop trying to destroy the lives of citizens for simply fulfilling their civic duty (the flying imams)

Of course, you are a cowardly Mohammadite and I don't expect this comment to be published or reponded to.

You are not a man, you are a crazed goat-frakker.


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