The veil of the Jafi

I have genuine respect for several of the editors at RedState, including streiff, Thomas, and Moe. I try to avoid commenting there in general because of that respect; it's sad, but true, that RS has devolved into a parlor house for partisan nonsense and - frankly - adolescent jibes. For example, plastered all over RS of late are photos of Nancy Pelosi wearing a headscarf during her visit to Syria.

I'm not going to get into the numerous ways in which their obsession with this reveals a lurking xenophobia (and I call xenophobia where I see it, on the right and on the left). I will however respond by simply showing some photos off the White House website of Laura Bush.



That should be sufficient to induce shame, though I know that it won't be. They are truly shameless of late.

UPDATE (4/9): Pejman, writing at RedState, laments:

In far too many circles, mockery has taken the place of serious analysis, even for this most serious of subjects and topics. At some point, there stops being a reason to indulge that mockery any further by responding to it and affording it legitimacy in the process.

I agree fully. That's largely why I have stopped posting at RedState, in fact - because part from a few voices like Pejman, mockery-as-analysis is RedState's stock in trade.

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