I was surprised - pleasantly so - to find that one of my posts here was nominated for a Koufax Award.

I am genuinely thankful for the accolade - I consider it an honor enough to have been nominated, alongside the other several dozen examples of truly excellent writing in the Best Post category.


Nightstudies said...

I'm quite disappointed reading that article, with it's misrepresentations of the discusions, now erased, from unmedia. I tried, unsuccessfully until I was banned for it, to get you to say, unequivically, that Israelis had a right to self defense. Now you claim that you were unequivical all along.

And as for the accusation of blood libel... well I'll say that you have every right to delete embarrassing posts, but to complain about people's reactions to that material after deleting it is to slander everyone involved, especially since you did not honestly represent the crux of the debate. And certainly to link to LGF rather than to your serious critics is to cover your ass by only admitting the weakest and least involved critic.

Poor show.

Aziz Poonawalla said...

Odd. I havent deleted any discussions so I have no idea what you're on about. I havent edited or deleted a single thing about that whole debacle - though I did put strikeout text on one thing I write which was particularly dumb. Maybe you think it was deleted because that was three comment systems and fifteen template changes ago? Its still out there but I dunno where. Im sure its still linked from Yourish or Katzman or Kessler's blog posts so it shouldnt be hard to find, but I'm not your research monkey.

LGF was hardly the weakest or least-significant critic - their link comes up immediately if you google me.

I genuinely did screw up that whole affair, though. It was stupid to have believed the article in Wired/The Times. That was pre-Rathergate and I was simply more trusting of mass media. I was wrong.

However, no a single thing I did qualified as blood libel and I argued in absolutely good faith the entire time. I was portrayed as a diningenous and dishonest person, and that is false. So I have no problem admitting being a gullible dupe but I won't accept a personal insult. Several people, including Josh Trevino, Bill Alison, and Jonathan Edelstein, stood up for me and I will always be grateful to them. As far as I am concerned my public archives speak for themselves with respect to my stance on Israel.

And its because I have some respect for you NS, mainly via matoko, that I decided to reply to your comment. Understand that I am done with this topic and have moved on.

Nightstudies said...

The comment section is missing from the unmedia archive is it not? I didn't see any comments on those old posts when I searched them yesterday.

Thomas Nephew said...

I, for one, thought it was an excellent post, and that you deserve the nomination. Unfortunately, it looks like the Koufax awards are now permanently postponed.