a war of ideas?

One of the writers at RedState, representative of the general conservative Republican community as a whole, has posed several questions to muslims. I have decided to cross-post my reply to him here.

will you meet my proclamation by engaging me in respectful civil truth-seeking dialogue or will you brand as infidel and censure me?

you mean, with regard to your proclamation of disbelief in the Prophet SAW? Neither. I will just invoke Qur'an 109:6. It may shock you, but I honestly don't care what you believe, or don't believe.

Will you be partner in the valuation of religious liberty, and the defense of all individuals from discrimination for particular theological belief, or will you [irrelevant nonsense]

the premise of this question is insulting. Still, I will reply. I will certainly continue to defend the principles of freedom of religion and speech, and furthermore I will not make my defense of these principles contingent upon reciprocation by you - because at this time it appears to me that there are those who are willing and eager to cast aside those very same principles in a heartbeat should it serve their purposes.

Will you engage me, condemn me, defend me, silence me or remain silent?

I will reply to reasonable questions about my faith - MY time permitting. I will not debate that faith. I will not answer accusations or respond if you demand I condemn something for condemnations' sake.

I will reply to those who treat me as an equal, as a independent human being of shared humanity, as a fellow citizen and a patriot. In fact I have not been silent over these past four years, and I am hardly alone.

I want to KNOW! But not only that, WE need to know! We NEED to insure that no one who makes partners with us on the bargain of religious liberty is hurt by those who make partners against us.

I cannot help you if you choose to be blind. I have given you numerous examples here that if you choose to follow, may open your eyes to see just how much of a natural alliance we are predisposed to. It is MY people, not yours, who suffer the most grievously at the hands of our common enemy. If there is only one place you go, then go here, and you will find answers you seek. But I will not spoon feed you further.

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Jerry said...

You repeatedly tell us that it's grievously wrong to characterize Islam and Muslims based on the actions of tens of thousands of your co-religioinists.

Now you tell us that a single poster on the RedState site is "representative of the general conservative Republican community as a whole."

So, what's the deal? Is it that:

- you fail to see the double standard you are using; or

- you don't think others aren't smart enough to recognize your hypocrisy; or

- you believe that, as a Muslim, you're entitled to apply a double standard?