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Let us be clear - the case of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is important. Choudhury is a hero and deserves our support. Which is why in an otherwise important post, Michelle Malkin's rhetorical question, "where is CAIR" is so insulting. CAIR is an American civil rights grassroots organization. Choudhury is a Bangaldeshi journalist facing a sedition charge for his brave stance against fanatical Islamists.

This is no different from the wierd blogger experience of being expected to answer every blog post or comment. Why is Malkin silent about issue XYZ? Why are moderate muslims silent about PDQ? It is tiresome. Why can't we work on the basis of what we actually say, rather than what we have not said?

The fact that Malkin uses Choudhury as a slam against CAIR suggests that his real value to her is not as an emblem of the courageous stand we all need to take against a common enemy, but rather as yet another bludgeon against her perceived foes in the US. Which is a shame because they are actually her allies. That Malkin celebrates her allies in the fight against terror when they are located in Bangladesh is commendable; that she labels her allies as enemies when they reside in the US is tragic.

More information about Choudhury is at the Free Choudhury website. Please visit.


Terror-Free said...

Islamonazi CAIR Intimidates Yet Another American Business In Dhimmitude

http://www.terrorfreeoil.org/videos/MS092506.php - MSNBC video

Free Patriotic Corner Banners: http://www.terrorfreeoil.org/cb/

OmarG2 said...

Salam Aziz, I'm certainly no fan of Malkin and avoid her writing to purify my soul ;-). However, CAIR comments *ALOT* about overseas occurances. Most recently they want Americans to send letters protesting the latest Tunisia vs Hijab spat even though its an "American" organization. CAIR will support only Muslims and movements overseas who fit in ther political Islamist agenda; Muslims like Choudhry are SOL in that regard.

Oh, and terror-free: go jump off a bridge. Your usage of Islamonazi and Dhimmitude automatically exlude you from any debate us Muslims are having about ourselves!

Harry Eagar said...

CAIR would cut a better figure if leading figures in the organization avoided felony convictions for supporting notorious terrorist organizations.

Just sayin'.

Nightstudies said...

Aziz I'm happy to see this on your blog.

Harry Eagar said...

You misunderstand. You are not being faulted for not responding to every comment, but for not responding to a serious situation.

We might debate which situations are serious. In the context of an intersocial war, when a lone nut drives his Jeep into a crowd of students, even in the name of Islam, that can be regarded as a minor event which demonstrates little about the larger conflict.

But when 900 Muslim taxi drivers are overwhelmingly united (by 3 to 1, according to report) to persecute non-Muslims, that raises all kinds of serious issues that you ought to be addressing -- not in the interest of the infidels but in your own.

Among them:

1. This was the first instance in the U.S. in which Muslims took control of a public transportation system. The first thing they did was to define non-Muslims as 'non-public' and refuse service.

Are we entitled to assume that wherever Muslims become a majority, they will follow a similar program? Discuss.

2. Reportedly, the majority of racist Muslims were not as united as they might appear, but some were intimidated into supporting the racism.

Why did not the peaceful Muslim majority intervene in its own interest? Discuss.

3. It turns out that alcohol is not the only public transportation issue over which Muslims feel entitled to enforce their own prejudices. Which other issues can we expect Muslims to impose on infidels when they attain majority control of any institution? (Hint: examine practices in any majority Muslim state.) Discuss.

All Americans were appalled by the selfish, primitive and triumphalist behavior of the Minnesota Muslims. Not commenting, in a blog evidently aimed, at least in part, at persuading us infidels that all Muslims 'aren't like that' was itself a comment.