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Brass Crescent Awards nominations thread

posted by Aziz P. at 12/23/2005 09:26:00 AM permalink View blog reactions
UPDATE 1/30/06: Nominations are now closed. Please visit for the voting, which begins Friday, Feb 3rd.

On behalf of City of Brass and, the nominations thread for the second annual Brass Crescent Awards is now open!

What are the Brass Crescent Awards? They are named for the Story of the City of Brass in the Thousand and One Nights. Today, the Islamsphere is forging a new synthesis of Islam and modernity, and is the intellectual heir to the traditions of philosophy and learning that was once the hallmark of Islamic civilization - a heritage scarcely recognizable today in the Islamic world after a century's ravages of colonialism, tyrants, and religious fundamentalism. We believe that Islam transcends history, and we are forging history anew for tomorrow's Islam. These awards are a means to honor ourselves and celebrate our nascent community, and promote its growth.

The Awards will take place in two phases. First, the nominations phase, where all of you nominate your favorite blogs for each of the categories below. Then, we will have a Finalists' round of voting, to distill the list. Finally, we will have the final voting round.

What is also new this year is that we also would like to solicit your opinion on a new category. In addition to your initial nominations, please also suggest a Category for a Brass Crescent Award that you would like to see. We will add the most popular suggested Category to the Finalist round and invite nominations at that stage.

Here are the revised categories for this year's Awards:

BEST MIDDLE-EAST/ASIAN BLOGGER - The Islamsphere is truly a global phennomenon. In Iraq, despite the chaos and uncertainty, there is a sea change of free speech and expression, the vanguard of which are blogs. There are also bloggers in India, in Pakistan, in Jordan, and most other countries that host muslims, all of whom have their own perspectives on faith, culture, and politics.

BEST GROUP BLOG - which multiple group blog in the Islamsphere has the best diversity of writers and the most interesting debate on Muslim issues?

MOST DESERVING OF WIDER RECOGNITION - Which blog is a true diamond in the rough, one that everyone should be reading but who most just haven't heard of (yet) ?

BEST THINKER - Who is the most stimulating, insightful, and philosophically wise among us? This category is intended to highlight a blogger who may not post daily, but when they do post, they really make an impact.

BEST FEMALE BLOG - The woman's voice in Islam is equal to the man's, and in the Islamsphere we seek to make sure the female perspective is highlighted and given its rightful due. Which muslim woman's blog has done the most to explore the role that women play within Islam and society?

BEST POST OR SERIES - Which single post or group of posts in the Islamsphere was the most original and important, above all the others?

BEST NON-MUSLIM BLOG - Which blog writen by a non-muslim is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialog with muslims?

BEST BLOG - the most indispensable, muslim-authored blog there is. Period.

Note that except for the last two categories, any blog is eligible for any category, including blogs authored by non-muslims. In defining the Islamsphere, we are not relying solely on adherence to the faith, but an affinity for parts of the diverse cultural fabric that Islam embraces and is embraced by worldwide. Please also note that neither nor City of Brass may be nominated for any category.

Please leave some descriptive text about why you nominate a blog, rather than just leave the URL. Also, please note that we can't really accept a nomination for a blog unless you specify a category.

Link to this nominations page from your own blogs to help promote the Brass Crescent Awards! You can use either logo below, by cutting and pasting the associated HTML code.

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I'd like to nominate a rather new blog for Best Female Blog

Pearls of Iraq
I'd like to nominate the above blog for most deserving of wider recognition. First time I have done this though - you may feel it could go under a different category.
Wishing you well


BEST MIDDLE-EAST/ASIAN BLOGGER - Aunt Najma, of A Star from Mosul. There are many Iraqi blogs that give a first-hand perspective of what life is like in the most interesting (in the Chinese curse sense) country on Earth. But A Star from Mosul just has a voice that I think most can relate to.

BEST GROUP BLOG - American Footprints, formerly known as Liberals Against Terror. This blog, run by famed blogger/commentator praktike, and mysterious sage mentor Nadezhda, also features contributions from Brian Ulrich and Eric Martin. This is a truly excellent resource for those interested in a truly liberal, freedomist, and honorable American foreign policy. Their analysis of the Iraqi elections has been a superb group effort, with the latest entry by Nadezhda a rich vein of links to previous entries.

MOST DESERVING OF WIDER RECOGNITION - Hujefa Vora MD, and his new blog Around Midnight in the ICU. Hujefa and his wife got some unwanted attention last year during a Cowboy's game, and that incident gave him his first excuse to write. Since then his new blog has only five posts but each one is a gripping and amazing read.

BEST THINKER - Thabet of Muslims under Progress. He's been blogging for years and simply always has something that makes me think, learn, and speculate. He isn't a short essayist by any means - his latest post/book review In Defense of Religion is a scroll-fest of ever there was one. But Thabet takes his time, because good thinking doesn't come in factoid size. There's always a serious and thoughtful disccussion with high SNR on most of his posts as well.

BEST FEMALE BLOG - Umm Yasmin of Dervish blog. Umm Yasmin has not blogged since her State of the Ummah links roundup a few months ago, and hopefully she is well. Her essay on Tampering with the Text, a response to Irshad Manji's assertion that the Qur'an requires editing, was a masterpiece. Hopefully recognition of Umm Yasmin will entice her to return to blogging more actively :)

BEST POST OR SERIES - sepoy at Chapati Mystery, whose series labeled That Terror Thing was the best analysis I have yet seen on the issue of Islamic terror, triggerred by the London bombings. The installments are: London 2005, That Terror Thing II, III, IV.

BEST NON-MUSLIM BLOG - Dean Esmay of Dean's World. Dean is a staunch and principled advocate of freedom - that's why I label him a neo-liberal, not a neo-con. He's always been honorable about encouraging muslims in the West to engage in dialouge and defending muslims from accusations of perfidy, recognizing that the average muslim is an average person first and foremost.

BEST BLOG - Avari/nameh. Of course! He's just too good :) Haroon would be a great pick for most of the Categories above (and in fact last year won a sizable fraction of them). Maybe this year we can just accept that he's the best and leave the other categories for some fresh blood? :)

As for New Category nomination, I choose Person of the Year, which shoudl be a recognition of a single man or woman who has influenced Islam and Islam's relationship to the world the most this year. The Person of the Year need not be a muslim. And the influence need not have been positive!


For the Best Blog: Truth & Beauty

[incidentally, i really don't think we need gendered categories...because where is best male blog? you know.]

Best Post: Belief by Baraka at Truth& Beauty

I concur on Thabet for Best Thinker. more later.


well, the only gendered category is Best Female; I was worried that without it we wouldnt see any female blogs nominated. Especcially since Haroon is going to kick ass again on the Best Blog category, hands down :)

Please do submit more nominations for teh other categories! you can nominate more than one blog per category, too of course.


Best Non-Muslim Blog: Informed Comment.



If you don't mind I'll nominate one or two blogs for each category...

The 3rd World View
There's a lot of excellent South Asian blogs out there, but I like Rezwan's blog; short, sharp jabs from TAFKAEP (The Area Formerly Known As East Pakistan).

For me, still the best of the various Iraqi blogs that sprouted everywhere. Though does she need a Brass Cescent Award when she has her own publishing deal?

Group blog from academics with experience of research in the ME or Muslim societies.

Indigo Jo Blogs
Deserves recognition for his detailed responses to any number of hacks in the British print media.

Anarcho Akbar
An ex-anarcho-punk rocker, with a dislike for injustice and authority, a love for goodness and poetry, and a very sharp wit.

Sepoy's "That Terror Thing": London 2005, That Terror Thing II, III, IV. Part III was the best, without question...

I'm glad Haroon re-started his flag-fest: The Colo[u]rs of Algeria.

Synaptic Cartography.


Both blogs disproving various memes about religious Muslim women. Intelligent blogs both of them.

Yakoub Islam (Anarcho Akbar)
Don't always agree with him, but he's an original and lively blogger.

Apart from the obvious nomination for avari/nameh, I would nominate:
Synaptic Cartography. Thoughful and perceptive. Intelligent conversation.

Truth & Beauty
Outstanding. Charming. Delightful. A pleasure to read.

I would agree with Sepoy over the gender distinction. Don't really need it, but I've voted for those categories anyway.

I also think there should be a category for best Arabic or Urdu (or Farsi) blog (or blog which uses said languages alongside English). Perhaps you could call it the Squiggle Award?

There might also be a category for best non-English European language blog; though admittedly entries for these might be few and far between. But anything to try and get away from Muslim Anglophones :-)

And thanks for your nominations, folks.


Mkay, here's my nominations:

Best mideast/asian blog: Night letters from Afghanistan
and also Chanad Bahraini

Best group blog: Ihsan or Hot Coals

Most deserving of wider recognition: Truth and Beauty

Best thinker- Me (no, not really). Ok, I suggest Yakoub over at anarcho akbar and Lucky Fatima

Best female blog- I'd put Dervish, but she's on hiatus. So I suggest Hu

Best post/series: Baraka's post about HAIR at truth and beauty. For God's sake, we need some humor, and this nearly made me choke on my falafal:

Best non-Muslim blog- Juan Cole, again, of course

Best Blog: Sunni Sister (because I can't NOT read it every day, unlike most of the others)

Suggestions for blog categories, stars next to my favs:

**Best Light/Humor blog or entry
Best writing
**Most creative blog
**Best personal blog
Best political blog
Best organizational blog
**Best youth blog (ie under 18)
Strangest blog


oops, also for most deserving of wider recognition- planet grenada


This is more suggested category revision than suggestion, but why not toss West African into the Middle East/Asian category, or even make it a "Muslim-majority nation" category.


Tabsir for Most Deserving of Wider Recognition.
Chan'ad for Best Middle East Blog
Muttawa for Best Blog.
Angry Arab for Best Blog.

Yeah. I am just nominating multiples at the moment.


A few more nominations:

Steve's Pub
Doesn't strictly deal with Muslim issues, but does deal with The Big Questions relating to God, faith, belief, etc (which I hope are Muslim issues). He does so in a thought provoking manner.

Islamophobia Watch
For documenting derogatory and downright stupid claims about Muslims.

There should also be a category for best blog design, so we can all nominate and then vote for Chapati Mystery. And what happened to the best commentator category?

And, err, I obviously didn't actually vote for anything as I said in my earlier post.


Best female blog:
Koonj: The Seagull.

for the following two categories



Best Thinker


A few nominations at a time.

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition - Tabsir, which consistently posts excellent and thought-provoking material

Best Thinker - Muslims Under Progress - I always learn something from Thabet's posts.

More later, inshallah.


Best Middle-Eastern/Asian Blog definitely goes to A star from Mosul


I would recommend Shabana Mir's blog for the "Best female blog" category as well as for "blog deserving greater attention".

I would recommend Shabana's husband Svend White's blog both "blog deserving greater attention" and for the best thinker category. I particularly liked his entries on the progressive Muslim movement.

Both Shabana and Svend talk (or rather, post) without lecturing.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Category suggestions:

Best NEW blog:
Universal School of Buffalo

This might also fall under BEST GROUP BLOG, however what they are doing is unprecedented! An educational weblog.


Best Asian Blogger:
Saj Shirazi - Light Within

The guy is simply amazing. He reaches across boundaries and has created a bridge between cultures.

Best Group Blog:
Sepia Mutiny

Just awesome coverage of everthing 'desi'.

Metroblog Lahore

Relatively new group. They have brought Lahore closer and have done a wonderful job.

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition:
Zam Zam

Simply amazing thoughts.

Best Thinker:
Silent Spring

His stories - altho mostly personal in nature - are thought provoking and very well written.

Best Female Blog:

Baraka writes very thought provoking stuff. She is a peaceful person as indicated by the title of her site.

Sister Scorpion

No explanation needed here. Sister Scorpion is an ORIGINAL. She is the 1st Muslim blogger that I came across. Her content is both peaceful and FUN!

Nervous Nomad

SR tells it like it is!

Zam Zam

Excellent writing.


Anisa is just 2 kool. She crosses boundaries and reaches out to a diverse crowd of people.


A very humble writer and very thought provoking.

Best Post or Series:
Pre-K Teachers - Community Helpers

Blogging is new to the teachers @ Universal School of Buffalo. Its a completely new mode of communication and they have opened up to the idea.

Best non-muslim blog:
Buffalo Pundit

The guy is amazing.

Carol for Peace

Peace bloggers are required in this day and age.

Best Blog:

See above!


I have not had the opportunity to explore many of these, which I will be sure to after having read these nominations. For best blog, I would suggest Baraks


This comment has been removed by the author.


For best female: Izzy Mo's blog -

Because this was a Muslimah at the centre of *the* top story of 2005. First hand reporting, that's what blogging is supposed to be about. And great commentary on the US media and academia, from a traditional-progressive Muslim perspective.

For most deserving of wider recognition: Ginny's Thoughts & Things -

Because she's posted some very interesting material on such subjects as the Ramadan moon controversy and, most recently, on the subjects of white and disabled "privilege", which nobody bothered to comment on.

For best post: Riots in Cronulla: What's Going On? by Amir Butler:

I wouldn't nominate AB for Best Thinker because I disagree with his Salafi perspective, but it's a great analysis (ma sha Allah) of that situation.

Best blog: Sunni Sister -

What really needs to be said? I had a post of hers for the best post as well (Pops - - about the Arab corner store issue) but there's just so many stand-outs on her blog.

Best Non-Muslim blog: Islamophobia Watch -

Posts links and brief replies to attacks on Muslims in the media from both left and right, and exposing the hypocrisy behind a lot of it. I get a lot of material for Indigo Jo Blogs from there.


Baghdad Burning

De Grouchy Owl

Chapati Mystery

Chechnya War

(Unfortunately, they haven't been updated in some time.)


Mind, Body, Soul

Fall of Icarus

Mozaffar's Moments

Dil-e Nadaan

Both of the following are great thinkers, interesting and definitely not limited by simplistic categories and ho-hum assumptions:

TGP Blog

Towards God is our Journey

Once more:

And, No More Mr Nice Blog

2 Blowhards

Architecture and Morality:

Personally, I feel like too many Muslim-oriented non-Muslim websites are geared to politics and liberalism, and restrict definitions of Islam to what can be sheltered under the umbrella of the left. As such, I've nominated some very different blogs, which talk about understudied aspects of religiosity and piety, such as culture, architecture, art and philosophy.


For new categories to suggest, I propose:

"Most Likely to be Deported"
(This has the added advantage of being terribly inclusive of most all Western Muslim bloggers. Maybe for bloggers from Muslim-majority nations, we can have, "Most Likely to Suddenly Stop Blogging")

I concur with Thabet - let's have a best design category.


Best Female: Izzy Mo
Best Non-Muslim: Juan Cole's Informed Comment
Best Deserving: Me, me! I want the hits! ;) (And if I can't get at least an honorable mention, I'll also nominate Jihad of Umar.)


For best thinker, I'd like to jointly nominate Abu Iman Squires (AKA Mere Muslim) and Qadeeb al-Ban Harris of Mere Islam - - because of their infrequent, but hard-hitting, work in debunking Christian missionaries' and Islamophobes' claims. On counter-missionary work Abu Iman has been in it for well over a decade and he really knows what he is talking about.




-Sepia Mutiny

-Steven's Pub

-Steven's Pub



-Chan'ad Baharaini

-Steven's Pub
-Sepia Mutiny



-Aisha's Blog


Best Female Blog - - I don't know how to tell you why. She just rocks. Read it and see.

Best Blog overall - - In my opinion, really it's the very best blog out there. I read it several times a day and it is absoultely indispensible when it comes to news, thought, debate, links to other things, etc.


I'd just like to add Bannos for "Best Thinker," largely because she typically expresses herself in bright, lucid, and non-confrontational writing.


-Dr Maxtor

-Dr. Maxtor (Honest interviews : Asra Nomani)




Of course.



Wonderful group effort highlighting social justice issues & providing insightful reflections on the Muslim community.


Ali Mattu

Burning Blue Soul

Intermittent bloggers, but when they post it is always thought-provoking & powerful.


Muslims Under Progress


I think the question summarizes it all – both of these blogs are ‘stimulating, insightful, and philosophically wise’.


Moz Boondoggle

Excellent writer & journalist!

Dictator Princess

Because we need to laugh for heaven's sake.

Sister Scorpion

She’s a dynamic, original, funny, intellectual blogger. Incomparable.


Ethincally Incorrect’s series on adoption.

Becoming O-lan Part 1,
Becoming O-lan Part 2 , and
Becoming O-lan Part 3

& my series on faith & illness at Truth & Beauty:

Reflections on Living with Illness

There are few Muslim blogs that deal with deeply personal issues such as illnesses/disabilities, race/class issues, & their impact on faith (or the way they are impacted by faith). I think these series are original, emotionally compelling, & honest.


Velveteen Rabbi

Rachel explores faith issues within Judaism so beautifully & probingly, & always extends a respectful & curious hand to Muslims/Islam.



As Leila & others have said - I can't not read it everyday, often a few times a day. She covers every topic out there with opinionated, informed insight & intelligence. She amazes me with the depth & breadth of her knowledge & her blogging diva ways.


As for suggestions for other categories - Best Design, Most Humorous, & Most Controversial.


Abdusalaam Al-Hindi

Abdusalaam Al-Hindi
Freedom Shock
Dr.M’s Analysis

Abdusalaam Al-Hindi

Dr. Maxtor (Honest Interview: Asra Nomani)
All his Honest Interviews are very funny if you know the story behind the person he’s interviewing.

Abdusalaam Al-Hindi
Dr.M’s Anaylsis
Freedom Shock

BEST Avatar (Added category)
El Savior
Has the best Avatar of any blogger out there.

That cat is hilarious.

Abdusalaam Al-Hindi
I like the old worn out look of the picture

The character fits perfectly with the blogger name.


I'm fairly new to the Islamosphere so will offer just a few nominations:


Dahr Jamail - has been instrumental globally

Bethlehem Bloggers

Raising Yousuf


Imam Suhaib Webb - very new blog, but if he keeps it up will be as big a hitter as he is in real life


Has to be Islamophobia Watch. You wouldn't even think they're non-Muslims such is their analysis of the cancer of Islamophobia. We need more Najashis like them.

Abu Aardvark or Indigo Jo Blogs.


Apologies, Islamophobia Watch link should be


best blog
Check out her current entries about her relief work efforts in Pakistan. She has a raw emotion to her writing that is refreshing in the blog-o-sphere.

Best non-Muslim blog
This blog by two Asian-Americans dissects the news, culture, and hip-hop, all with a heavy dose of humor.

best thinker:
he is the deepest thinker out. I doubt anyone will debate with that.

best blog deserving of wider recognition:
Svend's White's Blog (
great commentary on the intersection btw Islam and society and more

best Middle East/Asian blogger
Sepia Mutiny
Is any blog as prolific? This blog is a bona fide power house that can make or break a new musician, artist, etc

best female blog

best post or series
Shenaaz' posts about working in Pakistan


Best asian blog:

Best non-muslim blog:
jewish against zionism

Best female blog :


When does the nomination period close?


Best Group Blog

Smart women explroing Islam? It doesn't get much better than this.

Best Post/Series

I concur with Sepoy's nomination for That Terror Thing.

And perhaps a division between personal & political blogs as Leila suggested would be worthwhile, since the latter often outweighs the former on the societal "importance" scale.


I'd like to nominate From Clay for BEST THINKER Blog. I'd tell you why, but i think it's rather obvious.


also . . Best non muslim blog:


Asalam Aliakum,

Best overall Muslim blog goes to H

Best non-Muslim blog goes to

Indigo Jo at

Best female blog goes to :
Izzy Mo at

Best male blog goes to :
Ahmed at

Best group blog goes to :

Thanks to the folks who nominated my blog...but up against the names on the list among others, its not worthy! LoL


And for best Mid-East/Asian blog, I nominate Nzingha's Soapbox -

Because of its interesting and insightful commentary on Saudi issues from the perspective of a western convert married to a local.


Aisha's blog ( Really eloquent and alreayd has a large fan-base but deserves more nontheless.

Steven's Blog
Really good writer with lots of engageing posts that are a product of thought, as well as a producer of it.

Dictator Princess
Just. plain. heeelarious.

Steven's Blog
As stated above

Best blog:
Inner Machinations of My Mind
I love my works because I can relate to them. I made this blog for my enjoyment, as well as to provide others with a way to kill time.



He is sharp and critical, I like it.

Nominations for BEST BLOGS:

I can't make up my mind which, so I am submitting both :)


I also forget, MENJ's Critical Thoughts ( should also be nominated for Best Middle Eastern/Asian blog. He's Malaysian :)


i second the suggestion of adding a humour category. Maniac Muslim would be my pick.


Best blog:
Abdusalaam Al-Hindi



BEST GROUP BLOG - Living Tradition



BEST FEMALE BLOG - Moz Boondoggle

BEST POST OR SERIES - Honest Interviews by Dr.Maxtor

BEST NON-MUSLIM BLOG - Juan Cole's Informed Comment

BEST BLOG - Mere Islam

Other possible categories:

HUMOUR - Maniac Muslim

SCHOLAR BLOG - Seeker's Digest (Faraz Rabbani)
Imam Suhaib Webb


BEST GROUP BLOG - i nominate sepia mutiny because they discuss islam with a respectful if outsider's perspective.


Best Post
To Catch a Dragonfly

Movingly written celebration of a mother.


the most brilliant blog on the web goes to mozaffar's moments

look at his Islamic Ethos series


* Best blog: avari/nameh
* Best non-muslim blog: informed comment
* Best female: Koonj (the seagull): Shabana's blog
* Best Thinker: Koonj (the seagull): Shabana's blog
Fall of Icarus (
* Wider Recognition:
Dil-e-Nadaan (
A Hand Full of Stars
* Group Blog(s):
The Qunoot Foundation
Pakistan Earthquake Relief Volunteers (

* Best Writing (added category):
A Hand Full of Stars
Mozaffer's Moments (


Check out my blog about my quest to find my wife: Muslim Marriage is an unsolved problem in the west. I'm trying to solve it..


As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

I propose that "The Religious Policeman" is disqualified, because his blog is not believed to be a real mid-eastern or Asian blog at all. He purports to be a Saudi, but his local knowledge is poor - no Arab would think a person called Farah is a man, for example, as he did. Abu Sinan and a few Arab bloggers have been doing a demolition job on him, to which I have some links here.


I agree with Yusuf, get rid of the "the religious policeman" nomination unless theres a category for fraudulent bloggers.



We wont be getting involved in that blog argument.

If teh writer is not presently writing from the Middle East or Asia, then that is indeed a disqualification for the category in question. The controversy over his identity is irrelevant, and I will delete any further reference to it in this thread.

Velventeen Rabbi is an excellent NON-MUSLIM BLOG!


If teh writer is not presently writing from the Middle East or Asia, then that is indeed a disqualification for the category in question.

When he posted as "Sol Rosenblum" to Little Green Footballs, the site owner traced the IP address of the system he posted from to the UK. Discussion of the RP/Rosenblum affair here.



his series entitled: "the great adventures of a fallen star.." was just brilliantly written, its super entertaining



Usman Chaudhry's blog.... his posts span many categories from technology to culture... I find myself checking his blog for updates almost every day, Since he posts on so many different interesting topics you have to wonder what he's put up today.


Other than another blog to consider is

Kamran Riaz pours his heart and brain out in his posts... on Xanga amongst Muslims his blog is one of the most popular ones. Amongst the Chicago crowd his blog is probably the most popular. This one can also go under most deserving of wider recognition.


Salaam alaikum folks and thanks to those who nominated me! :-)

I pick...

Best Female Blog: Sister Aaminah

Best Blog: Duh! Like Umm Zee over at

Best Non Muslim blog:

Best Group Blog:

Best Entry or Series: Sunni Sister's entries on the Shining Stars of Islam--

Best Thinker: Mind, Body and Soul--

Wider Recognition--

Best Middle East blog-

Some possible categories for next year--best male blog, best blog template, best Muslim poetry, most artistic Muslim blog (sorry, I gotta represent the visual artists)


Best Middle-Eastern/Asian - The Religious Policeman. sharp and incisive while managing to evade the saudi thought police!

Best Group - Pickled Politics. british 'desis' discussing british and global politics. always a lively comments section

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition - Civil Comment always has something interesting to say.

Best Thinker - Thabet . heavier fare, always provides food for thought.

Best Female - Paki Feminist. brilliant AND hysterically funny

Best Post or Post Series - Rape me Musharraf by Paki Feminist. pure genius!!

Best Non-Muslim - The Artsaypunk>. a white, liberal canadian enjoying (a lot of the time) pakistan. also very, very funny.

Best Blog - Procrastination. super blog - covers a large range of subjects with great skill and posting in urdu as well makes this the complete package.

Multimedia Blogging - Street Photos>. his pictures are a treat.

Have tried but now always succeeded in trying to stay away from the big names and go with some less well known blogs.


dear all ,


this writer has moved many thru his amazing masterpieces, not only that he has a great observation but he pens it all down so well that one can easily relate to every word he writes..

not only that he talks abt personal life , he speaks his mind on everything that constitutes his surroundings, at times making u feel like a true TIME travel.

there is only one liner abt silent spring..."Straight from the Heart"

you would want to know more and more every time u read his post..


dear all ,


this writer has moved many thru his amazing masterpieces, not only that he has a great observation but he pens it all down so well that one can easily relate to every word he writes..

not only that he talks abt personal life , he speaks his mind on everything that constitutes his surroundings, at times making u feel like a true TIME travel.

there is only one liner abt silent spring..."Straight from the Heart"

you would want to know more and more every time u read his post..

my apologies to all ,the correct LINk IS ..


having gone thru many blogs in the past years the one that stands out really has to be a diarylander named .Silent Spring

i would like to nominate this blogger in the categories that he deserves the most


as for you all who here's the link


I would like to nominate the following:

Avari/Nameh - Best Blog

Mozaffar's Moments - Best Blog, Best Thinker, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, Best Daily (new category), Best writer

Tabsir - Best group blog, best thinkers


Best Post/Series

A Heavy Truth's Courting Kufr (Pt 1 & 2)

A fanatstic examination of losing your religion & finding your faith.


Best Blog: Avari

Best Female blog: Koonj

Most Deserving of Wider Attention: Mozaffer's Moments

Best Group blog: Tabsir

How about a new category: Biggest complainer. For that I'd put anyone at except for MOzaffer's Moments.


A late nomination:

Best Thinker
Unwilling Self-Negation

Probably not everyone's cup of tea.


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