blogger layout gremlins

Dean Esmay kindly linked to my Mukhtar Mai jihad post, but mentioned that my layout was completely screwed up. This puzzled me as I hadn't made any changes to my template or inserted any wierd formatting into that post. With the help of Ali E, it seems the culprit is the following CSS code:

<div style="clear:both;"> ... </div>

being inserted by Blogger automatically wherever the template tag $BlogItemBody$ is invoked. This has been documented by other bloggers as well. The solution is to add the following line of CSS to your style section:

div { clear: none !important; }

That seemed to have resolved the issue for me. I suspect that the reason for this bloggery bugginess is to support the new image uploading feature that Blogger has just added, presumably to compete with Flickr. Since I have a Pro account (thanks, Murtz!) with Flickr, there's not much benefit to me. It's not enough to make me abandon Blogger, but I am quite irritated by the inconvenience. Especially since Blogger's implementation is obsolete.

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Thomas Nephew said...

I was wondering what was going on there. Blogger has started inserting a blank space after the final line of my post which may be due to the same thing; I'll see if your fix has any effect.