Star Trek Enterpise canceled

Boldly gone, where all too many Star Treks have gone before.

If the franchise takes 5 years off, and comes back with new people at the helm (and not Berman or Braga - they had their chance, it's time for fresh blood), it might actually be something that can reignite fandom again.

Star Trek's roots are in social criticism, raw idealism, and triumphalism about the human spirit. There was very little of any of those themes in Star Trek series in recent years. A return to roots is neccessary, especially since the bar has been raised on production values (Battlestar Galactica), story arc writing (Babylon 5) and character development (Farscape).

Or, they could just hire Wil Wheaton as the next captain - playing a different character than Wesley Crusher, natch - give him a starship, and set him loose.

Just stop having episodes with Nazis. Or on historical Earth. Or both.

I confess that I haven't even been watching Enterprise for two years. I was just reading The Jammer's episode reviews to keep up with canon.

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Dan said...

The show started heading downhill quite awhile ago, which is really quite a shame seeing how they could have had a truly wonderful Romulan War arc using the available canonical and sub-canonical material. I agree that Farscape, Babylon 5, and (if as it now appears) the new BattleStar Galactica have all significantly raised the bar of what science fiction has to be in order to be successful.

Also, IMO Star Trek writing declined considerably in Voyager and got even worse as Enterprise dragged on after an initially promising start.