Spirit of America

I'd like to remind everyone that the deadline for donating to the Spirit of America's "Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge" is tonight, Dec 15th at midnight. Please do think about kicking in 5 or 10 bucks if you can spare it to help support the upcoming elections, buy Iraqi children toys, fund Arabic-language blogging tools, and other worthy endeavors.

I've set up a team donation link, whose modest donation totals can be tracked here under "City of Brass". Join me and let's add our voice to the chorus promoting success in Iraq and help to the Iraqi people, to whom we owe no small moral debt.

The list of projects is below - I have designated that the funds raised by my link above can be spent as the charity deems best. If one of these appeals to you more than the others, however, you can sign up yourself and donate directly to one of these causes only.

411th Civil Affairs - Re-equip Universities in Baquba, Iraq
Help Army assist 2 universities damaged by terrorist fighting

Library Books for Iraqi Children
Help kids who want to read and learn with books for children's libraries.

Friends of Democracy - the Iraq Democracy Project
Contribute to the success of free elections and democracy in Iraq.

Iraq's Universities
Support Iraq's next generation leaders by re-equipping higher education.

Arabic Blogging Tool - Viral Freedom
Support independent new media and free expression in Iraq and the Arab world.

Marines and SeaBees Seek Tools for Iraqi Tradesmen
Help those who make a commitment to improving their country.

Sewing Machines For Women in Ramadi
Putting economic power in women's hands

Iraqi TV in Al-Anbar
Spirit of America Helps U.S. Marines Equip TV Stations in Iraq

Operation Snapshot
Marines need Polaroid cameras and film to build goodwill and break down barriers in Iraq.

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