People of Earth, your attention please...

this report from AICN about H2G2 filming doesn't spell it out, but it looks like Arthur and Ford's pub scene is going to be filmed in rural England next week:

Filming is continuing this week and next in Hertfordshire, England.

I went to visit my parents yesterday, in the tiny village of Hare Street, near the town of Buntingford. They have received a short note, warning them of disruption for 14 days, while Hitch Hikers uses a nearby farm and the local village pub for filming.

Filming is currently taking place in a large farm, outside the village, and moves to the pub next week. The locals have been told that the pub interior will be used, and that the main road will be blocked, as one scene involves a character spilling out of the pub into the street.

That's likely going to be Arthur, running frantically out of the pub after hearing his house demolished in the distance, screaming insults like "you half-crazed Visigoths!".

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scurvy dave said...

you know, I've heard of buntingford. And I live in Hertfordshire. But don't think I'm going to sew a second head onto my shoulder and crash the party.