Neo-Imperium's price

Flag-draped coffins are secured inside a cargo plane on April 7 at Kuwait International Airport. Military and civilian crews take great care with the remains of U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq. Soldiers form an honor guard and say a prayer as, almost nightly, coffins are loaded for the trip home. TAMI SILICIO/AP

The president must remember that the military is a special instrument. It is lethal, and it is meant to be. It is not a civilian police force. It is not a political referee. And it is most certainly not designed to build a civilian society.

-- Condoleeza Rice, Foreign Affairs, January/February 2000

UPDATE: The woman who took the photo - and her husband - have been fired from her job in retaliation. Kudos to Matthew Drudge for taking up the call and posting even more photos of our troops' ultimate sacrifice on his site.

The problem here is that the Administration doesn't want to show these photos to the public, because it wants to foster an illusion for PR purposes. But war is not a clean affair, it has real costs, and they must be acknowledged. However, disrespect for the military behind sunny rhetoric is typical behavior for the Bush Administration.

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