The right to speak is earned with love

today's rant from Real Live Preacher is truly righteous, in all its most positive connotations. Excerpts:

Sit down CHRIStian. Give me that bible you�re waving before you hurt yourself. I�m going to resist the temptation to snatch it from your hands and beat you with it. I am your worst nightmare, a Texas preacher who knows The Book better than you do.

You cannot wave your unread bible and scare me. I know its larger story and I will tear you a new biblical asshole.
And you come to me with two little scraps of scripture to justify your persecution of God�s children?
Sit down Christian. Sit down and be you silent.

How long has it been since you forgot that we were called to walk the earth as pilgrims? Do you not remember when HE told us to give our coats to those in need and sell our possessions to help the poor? Did you forget how the first church had all things in common so that none would lack.

Did you forget the day He told us that whatever we did for the oppressed we did for Him, and whatever we withheld from them was kept from Him as well?

Sit down Christian. You have not earned the right to speak to this generation. The right to speak is earned with love.

Take back your bible. Take it back and start reading it.

wow. This guy speaks the language. Would that there were more like him. You can tell true, self-confident faith by it's insistence on the freedom to make mistakes, rather than the insecurity of trying to legislate belief.

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