the dhimmis in charge of the asylum

I probably earned this swipe from Meryl after my earlier post:

It should also be pointed out that Israel has a large Iranian Jewish population, including Defense Minister Mofaz, who spoke to Iranians via radio recently. In the Islamic nation of Iran, under dhimmi laws, which so-called moderate Muslims like Aziz love to expound upon favorably, Iranian Jews have been consistently persecuted.

I would be interested indeed if someone could find an example of such favorable exposition - here's my best effort.

Meryl's been on a real roll though about the Iranian earthquake - in addition to very publicly examining her mixed feelings in light of the mullahcracy's idiotic refusal to accept aid from Israel (a decision which really pissed off the Iranian people), she's had several link-filled roundups of other information and bloggers' responses.

Free advice to Meryl: if a muslim comes to your door to fix your TV, wear your Star of David as ostentatiously as possible. It's YOUR house. I should clarify that if you go to a fanatic muslim's village in Yemen, you probably shouldn't wear your Star - I know from personal experience what violent hatred against you solely because of your religious beliefs feels like. I nearly had a rock crush my skull for those beliefs.

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