Belated Alamo Day

Bill thought I'd flame him, but hey, he's right - I missed Alamo Day yesterday. Here is my excuse:

To re-establish my credentials, let me share my Alamo photos with y'all.

That's Keith, who never does anything half-assed. He's taking a closeup photo with a camera that could cause the Enterprise to have sensor-envy. Keith's latest project is to lose weight, achieved by writing a database application from scratch to monitor caloric intake, daily activity, heart rate, etc. Knowing Keith's razor-sharp discipline, he will likely be running Iron Man in a month. The man is a living Sucessories catalog (whereas I tend more towards Despair).

This is Johnny, who rides a motorcycle, climbed Kilimanjaro for his honeymoon, is a master of ballroom dance, and had the patience to actually finish that hellish kendo class that I mecifully dropped out of after three sessions[1]. Basically, he's James Bond, but Made in Taiwan.

And that ball of fur is Abu, who has been around the world. But Abu deserves a website all his own.

And of course, that building there is the Alamo. The history of which is worth reading, because it's inspiring, and authentically American. I have come to realise that Texas is America writ large (yes, I do mean large).

[1] I just realised what a loser I sound like, in comparison to my overachiever friends :)

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