Happy 1st Birthday to TKL Blog

Suman Palit's blog, The Kolkata Libertarian, is one year old!

TKL is getting less of Suman's attention recently, since he has started blogging over at Gene Expression and several other blogs. However, TKL blog's focus on the subcontinent has been comprehensive and stimulating over the past year and I hope he still finds time to devote to it.

Where Suman and I agree and disagree is not very surprising. He and I are both Inndian, so we tend to have a pro-India bias. I am Muslim, he is not, so we tend to have opposite views on Muslims. Suman and I are both anti-BJP, but I am more pro-Pakistan than he is (though I am not nearly as pro-Pakistan as Zachary Latif!). Overall, Suman's opinion is the first I look for on issues of interest to the sub-continent, and I look forward to another year of his bloggage. :)

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