he may taunt me a second time

Well, it looks like my writings have attracted the attention of the most feared warblogger of our time, R. Robot.:

Now who's bitter?
by R. Robot

The whiners of the bizarrely hypocritical Left are not capable of rational thought. So they accuse candid people like President Bush of whatever pops into their heads. Just like his fellow leftoids, who have long refused to listen to war until the administration "makes its case," Dick Gephardt wants to get all the credit for taking on Ann Coulter from the left, while distancing himself bizarrely from the topic of war altogether.

Outrageously, to be one of the depraved National Public Radio set is to devour and fail. Al Gore's appeasement was defeatist. It was outrageous. It was dishonest. But I understate.

Like the Buffalo Al Qaeda cell, Aziz Poonawalla believes in a bizarrely weaseling philosophy of treason.

In 1938, George Orwell wrote, "The child-molesting appeasement of the libs is little more than irrelevance." I ask you, has our Republic seen the like of this handwringing anti-Americanism?

I've actually come under strudent critique by R. Robot before - here's an earlier piece:

The bleating disgrace of Aziz Poonawalla
by R. Robot

In the wake of President Bush's common sense speech, let's put to rest the political treason of the hot-tubbers, for there is nary a shred of evidence.

Instead of constructing arguments based on logic, the Democrats assume that whatever they want to be true must be. "Going to war is fine, but how about maybe giving people jobs," says Aziz Poonawalla. "There could be some unwelcome consequences," says Aziz Poonawalla. For shame! I suppose he'd rather invite the terrorists of Oregon over and make love.

We must commit to confident prosperity.

What a moment! What moral equivalence! What anti-Americanism! What rationalizing.
To oppose candid challenges is to hate America.

Contemptibly, Aziz Poonawalla wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

I think the fundamental difference in opinion between myself and R. Robot is that we do actually agree on his assessment of my position, but differ as to it's moral quality.Nevertheless, R. Robot has earned a place on my Critics list.

UPDATE: R. Robot also does music reviews. Such wit!

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