Guess who said this?

The price of empire is terror. The price of occupation is terror. The price of interventionism is terror. As Barry Goldwater used to say, it is as simple as that. When Israel departed Lebanon, Hezbollah's attacks fell off almost to nothing. But as long as Israelis occupy the West Bank, which Prime Minister Barak conceded belongs at least 95 percent to the Palestinians, Israel will be hit by terror attacks.
Either Israel gets out, or it pays the price of staying in: terrorism.

The author is Pat Buchanan . It's logical and consistent with his isolationist agenda. He has identified a central principle - that People will Fight for Freedom - and that if the occupier invokes the "Ends Justify the Means" to occupy, then the defender will invoke teh same in their cause for freedom. That's how freedom fighters become terrorists. And extremists.

Buchanan of course will run with this and likely argue for an isolationaist pose. He is well documented as being against immigration, etc. But that's an opinion derived from central fact. He has his own set of principles which differ from mine on those issues, but that doesn't mean that the central facts which provide grist for our principled stands is inaccurate.

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