Till now, there have been three types of Jewish terrorists:

The first is concerned with mounting attacks on individuals viewed directly or indirectly responsible for murdering Jews. Examples of such terror activity include the attacks and attempted attacks on West Bank mayors in 1980 and the murder in 1993 of a shackled Arab terrorist by Yoram Skolnick.

A second type of Jewish terrorist is one who is convinced that his/her action will hasten the advent of the Redemption (hageula). Members of the Jewish Underground, for example, who were arrested in 1984, hoped that their plan to blow up the Dome of the Rock Mosque would advance the process in which the State of Israel and the Zionist movement played only one stage.

The suspects arrested two weeks ago are thought to belong to the third type of Jewish terrorist, who seek to carry out indiscriminate attacks on Arabs for two possible reasons - to avenge attacks by Arabs on Jews, or to create a deterrence, in their view, that could prevent or minimize future attacks on Jews.

it's refreshing to see that the motivation of "deterrence" is not an excuse for terrorism. (Nor is "I want my homeland free of occupation", but unfortunately the immoral means often do obtain teh ends.)

On another level, this article is another example of the Den Beste Doctrine - that a threatened people become radicalized. It doesn't stop at the settlements though - it happens within "democratic" Israel as well.

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