Steven Den Beste has a long post about What is Really Going On - with which I found plenty to disagree with, as well as some to agree with. It's mostly a rationalization of all IDF actions and a condemnation of all Arab actions. But he summarized it at the end with a powerful, elegant statement:

":The point was that when you back someone into a corner and leave them only
the alternatives of being killed or lashing out violently, then you better
make sure to have plans for violence. If the only way they can survive is to
become monsters, then you shouldn't be surprised if they do."

This is Truth, distilled to the point that it is universal. Den Beste is speaking of the IDF in order to justify its actions. But note that this argument is equally applicable to the Palestinians. In fact, the Palestinians as a whole have been pushed to this brink long ago, and the Israeilis are only now joining them. This is precisely the POINT of why there even is an intifada raging and why "peace" as a nebulous goal in and of itself is unrealistic.

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